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Levy Manifesto

Mark’s Beliefs:

A Strong Position Guides Your Prospects And You
A marketplace position tells prospects why they should hire you, and how you should move. It’s Magnetic North for your business.

Your Position Attracts The People Who Count
A position attracts the right people — those who share your view, think your ideas strong, and have money enough to bring you onboard. Your positioning and key messages act as selectors.

Words Mean Money
Look at the big-name consultants. How do we know they’re brilliant? It’s their words, which we’ve read in their books and heard in their speeches. The proper words have tremendous monetary value. Every company should work hard at finding the right words to describe their offerings. Those words will stop prospects who would have kept walking, and convert them into customers and fans.

Style Is As Important As Content
People won’t pay attention unless your marketing messages are entertaining. Does that mean an entertaining style wins over meaningful content? No, it means style can be as important as content. Style can influence content. Style affects people’s understanding of content.

Persuasion Is Based On Simple Principles
A persuasive message is based on reliable communication principles. For instance, people want to hear about themselves first, you second. Therefore, begin your sales message by calling attention to your prospects’ pain. Demonstrate that you know exactly what’s bothering them, and how they’re losing sleep over it. Then, and only then, do you deliver your remedy.

Get People To See The Value In What You Do
You can have the best product in the world, but if the audience doesn’t understand how it’ll benefit them, you might as well be selling dust. Never assume people understand your service and benefits. You must spell things out. Make all your implicit benefits explicit. Work at building value. One of the best ways to build value is to figure out the dollars and cents surrounding your service. How much will your clients lose if they don’t use you? How much extra will they make? Figure out all the permutations and parade them.

Let People Know You Want To Do Business
You may not want to come across as a hardcore pitchman, but the persuasive element in your messages must be strong. After all, you’re running a business. Your prospects understand this. You need revenue to survive. To play it coy and pretend you don’t want the sale is duplicitous.

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